Safer Environmental Practice

Fishprint are committed to providing high quality print material without compromising on our environmental responsibilities.

As an innovator in the Australian printing industry. Fishprint is committed to providing outstanding high quality printed material and is dedicated to delivering cost effective solutions to it's clients. Our environmental policies promote the development of markets for environmentally responsible paper producers, paper merchants, printing materials and printing methods.

At Fishprint we are dedicated to the following policies and commitments:

  • Fishprint will not purchase papers that originate in endangered or questionable forest regions around the world.
  • Fishprint will encourage the purchase and use of recycled papers containing both.
  • post-consumer and pre-consumer waste with a minimum of 20% post consumer fibre.
  • Fishprint will only purchase paper stocks that are PCF, TCF and ECF.
  • Fishprint provides a chain of custody (transfer system) for the following product groups – FSC 100%, FSC Mix and FSC Recycled. The Chain of Custody is applied to all the products Fishprint produces.
  • We seek to promote Australian made products where they meet or exceed these standards.
  • We specify and excercise a preference for environmentally preferable products that offer demontrable value for money.
  • All printed matter will be produced on either our new KBA Genius 52 UV-5 colour or KBA Rapida 74-5 colour waterless printing presses. Totally eliminating the use of water on the press, saving thousands of litres of our precious resource.
  • We have totally eliminated the use of Isopropanol alcohol and many dampening additives that contain harmful VOC's, keeping the air we breathe safe for all.
  • Reducing the amount of paper used for "make ready's", thus contributing to tree conservation and avoiding waste going in to landfill.